Traits of Sensing Organization

Today, organizations face enormous challenges.

Organizations must reconcile long-term and constant change at the same time, find answers to new products, be globally networked, and still remain faithful and authentic in order to make a difference. Being authentic in times of ever-faster turning time, is a mammoth task that requires a strong orientation. An orientation that has a charisma to attract and win over people.

The purpose as an orientation for today’s organizations.

The purpose of an organization can provide such an orientation with charisma. As a living organism, an organization has, just like the individual human being, a task within the evolutionary meaning, which can be regarded as purpose. This purpose distinguishes it from other organizations and specifies its unique characteristics as well as its task in the cosmos.

Within the framework of the Sensing Organizations we provide a process, that gives you

  • Access to your companies purpose,

  • with the ability to feel it more deeply,

  • As a result, giving you the orientation that is required in this complex world.

Parts of this process are -

Developing consciousness about the unique characteristics of your organization,

Access to intuitive awareness and to cognitions that the world holds for your organization.

Developing Mind Models to confront triggered issues


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