Principles of People Development

Our Core Values - CRISP.

Embedding a new fresh approach to performance management will accelerate our journey towards a common learning culture. It will help to create a diverse, inclusive & respectful workplace that gives teams & individuals the opportunity to grow and make a rewarding contribution.

So let’s talk about our new approach focuses on how we deliver results. Our values play an important role in shaping the type of company we want to be. They will be used to shape the conversations you have with individuals & your team. We have five values each with associated behaviors that we need to embrace. We call these our CRISP Values. Making these values a central element of our new performance management approach is a great way to embedding them within the organization. And it reinforces that it’s not what we just do at VYAPT, but also how we do it, that will drive our success.

In order to effectively build a global leader capacity, organizations must continually identify, develop, nurture & retain their leader as a part of the talent development strategy. Performance management plays an important role in People development.

Performance management is the strategic & integrated business process of setting, aligning calibrating & evaluating performance against business priorities. The new performance management approach was designed with the aim to enable the delivery of sustained business success while growing the capabilities of individuals & teams.

Performance Management is an ongoing process based on constructive discussions:

  1. Starting with Informal dialogue & complemented by formal planned discussions. Ongoing dialogue and coaching activities should take place regularly in order to help each individual develop and meet performance requirements. This approach addresses an issues on-the-spot through constructive dialogue.

  2. This is followed up by regularly updates including the mid-year review. The Annual Performance review offers great chance for a manager and employee to have “time-out” for a meaningful one-to-one discussion.

Supported by meaningful & constructive performance & development conversations.

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