Motivate your people to meet the deadlines

Meeting deadlines of project….Challenging? Need motivation?

It’s important to acknowledge employees who do a great job and meet deadlines, even smaller ones. Sometimes all it takes is a “Good job, Ravi” to brighten a day.

It is also very important to show your team the bigger goals of the organization & individual growth. Understanding the different persona & taking ownership.

With VYAPT innovative solutions, you can manage delivery of Projects on time thus meeting deadlines.

At the start of a project, the amount of planning and work required can seem overwhelming. There may be dozens, or even hundreds of tasks that need to be completed at just the right time and in just the right sequence.

If you encounter employees who promise to meet deadlines yet always fail to deliver, you need to use strategies that motivate them to act. These methods may involve asking them important questions or helping them realize how their efforts fit into larger company goals.

So let’s explore some of these strategies…

1. Find out what your employees personal goals.

2. Break the big project into smaller parts.

3. Managing tasks properly thus stopping procrastination.

4. Flawless information and communication channels

5. Coaching & monitoring progress.

6. Nurturing & Motivating

When you are a project manager/leader, your team counts on you. In order to make your team trust you, be consistent in what you do and set an example for them.

Actions speak louder than words so be mindful of what you say and don’t contradict yourself. Listen to your team, take responsibility for your own actions and let them do their thing while you focus on the big picture tasks for your company. Work side by side with your team and they will feel more motivated to meet the deadlines.

In the manufacturing industry it is important to create the bridge between the departments for fast track production & better quality, hence result in meeting the deadlines with customer satisfaction.

In order to motivate your team into different levels you may organize rewards & recognitions. There are other ways to enhance the team motivation & effective project management.

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