Change Management: It takes more than building a beautiful ship

As we enter the New Year, the need for change is even greater than the previous year. People – are increasingly conscious about their wellbeing, success at work and adaptation to change. Organizations face an unprecedented velocity of change and ever-increasing demand to deliver results and outcomes.

Changes are so obvious and are so quick today – that managing change is the need of the hour. To start the conversation about why we need more change management today, it is important to make sure we are talking about the same (or at least a similar) – because there are a variety of perspectives on what change management even is.

The big takeaway is this: The outcome of change management is more successful change through adoption and usage. Change management is not just the tools, templates, processes, assessments, etc. – it is helping people be successful in their own changes to the organization succeeds in its changes. When VYAPT hears “change management is on the way out,” VYAPT always think to its own, “How can helping people be successful in their own changes so we can all be 

more successful be on its way out?”

“More than ever” because of people matter

For the last several years, Organizations are placing more value and priority on their people, as people.

At the meta level, we are placing more value on our fellow human beings inside the figurative walls of our organizations. Now, apply this perspective to change. When we value our people more in times of change, we intentionally prepare, equip and support them through change instead of dropping it on them and letting them fend for themselves.

Our communications are focused on what they want to know, not just what we want to talk about. Instead of fear of change, they feel empowered and excited about the change. They are more successful at work and outside of work. Change management supports and aligns the re-humanization of the workplace when there is change.

More than ever” because of VxD=N

 Velocity of change The V is velocity – the velocity of change happening in the world around us and in our organizations. We are facing a bigger change than ever before. Faster change than ever before. More complex change than ever before. More cross-functional change than ever before. We are in an era of ever-increasing digitization and AI. And all of this is happening against a backdrop of the more informative and more connected world than ever before. Together, these conditions (plus even more) create a velocity of change that will either trample or propel organizations into the future. Demand to deliver The D is demand – the demand to deliver expected results and outcomes in times of change. Across the organization – boards, executives, leaders, sponsors, project leaders – there is a heightened expectation of and need to deliver benefit realization. When we invest time, energy,  and mindshare into a change initiative, we need it to deliver improvement and value. And the demand to deliver is only going up – as the velocity of change increases and “out-changing” becomes the most critical core competency and competitive advantage. Need for effective change management VxD is the world we live in today – the velocity of change is skyrocketing as is the demand to deliver results and outcomes. With V and D increasing, we need effective change management – the N – because our people are the ones who bring these countless changes to life in how they do their jobs and show up each day. They are the ones that turn an idea into improvement. It is their processes, systems, tools, job roles, critical behaviours, mindsets, etc. that change. To capture the people-dependent portion of the change in the tidal wave of upcoming changes, change management must become the expectation, not the exception, and embedded in the fabric of the organization.


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